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28 March 2024

New 3D Printable Accessories

Share and 3D Print customer-designed accessories.

12 March 2024

Mod Kit Install Guide Available

The Install Guide video is now available to follow on YouTube.

4 March 2024

Mod Kits are Now In-Stock

Mod Install Service and Mod Kits are now in-stock and shipping.

11 February 2024

New Mod Install Service

Provided by Kolari Vision, USA

16 January 2024

Kickstarter Funding Closed

Crowdfunding has closed having reached 700% funding!

16 December 2023

Introducing the Pod Mod Kit

Improve the handling and battery life of the BMPCC 4K/6K

by Kolari Vision

Pre-Modded Pocket 4K

$1600 USD

by Kolari Vision

Mod Install Service

$450 USD

For modding your own camera

Pod Mod Kit for 4K/6K

$300 USD


Download and 3D print these free accessories

mod service

Kolari Vision's Mod install service is now shipping


Mod Kit and Mod Install Service options are now in-stock and shipping


Pre-modified, brand new Pocket 4K cameras now available

Sun Shade

Sun Shade

designed by Pod Tech

Screen Protector

Screen Protector

designed by Pod Tech

Hinge Tension Inerts

Hinge Tension Inerts

spare parts by Pod Tech

Tilta Cage Top Panel

Tilta Cage Top Panel

designed by Luis Trujillo

Screen Shade/Protector

Screen Shade/Protector

designed by Pod Tech for P4K


Caleb Hauff


Michael Tobin

Initial Focus Media

Christopher M Law


Pod Tech
New Zealand
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