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Blackmagic's Pocket Cinema Camera lineup packs some of the most powerful modern cinema technology into compact, portable bodies. They’re well-known for their colour science, rich feature set and competitive pricing, and have become an incredibly popular choice for many creators. Somehow though, they still feel underrated - their innovative interface, speed and reliability has made them my favourite cameras to work with by far... and there’s always been unrealised potential in the Pocket Cinema Camera platform.

Their shortcomings lie, of coarse, in their battery life and the position of their displays. While more recent models in the lineup have added slightly larger batteries, they still only offer 1 hour of runtime, and an inconsistent battery level display that leave you guessing when it may quit on you. These cameras pack the most power-hungry procesors, and they need the industry standard V-Mount battery solution.

The problem then becomes rigging, using often expensive parts and cables to adapt V-mount batteries to the cameras, which have to be mounted at a distance from the camera’s back in order to maintain access to the screen’s controls and settings. No matter which setup or arrangment you go with - you end up with a cumbersome, hefty mess of cables, missing out on the sleek, portable and user-friendly ‘Pocket Cinema Camera’ concept.

Mid-2023, I tore my Pocket 6K apart and began designing alternative solutions. After many iterations and 3D printed test models, I landed on a configuration which rehouses the camera’s touch screen into a new tilting enclosure on top of the camera, freeing up the back of the camera for a V-lock battery mount.

Mod for Pocket 4K/6K

By moving the original 5" touch screen to the top of the camera, you'll have ideal access to the camera's outstanding user interface - even while a V-mount battery is attached.

The display enclosure is precisely CNC machined from high-grade 7075 aluminium. This alloy boasts similar strength to steel, while remaining almost as light as 6061 aluminium, making for an incredibly durable rig without sacrificing on weight.

The rear of the display enclosure also features two cold shoe attachment points on its back panel, allowing microphone receivers, portable SSDs, and almost any other small accessory to be attached. This adds incredible versatility on-set, where fast changes and adaptability can make or break a project.

When installed, V-mount batteries will recharge the camera's internal LP-E6 battery, so your rig will always be ready to go ultra-lightweight when needed. This also means that either the LP-E6, or the V-lock battery can be removed during a take, without cutting power. So interviews, long takes and all-day shoots or weddings are no problem while off-grid.

The Pocket Cinema Cameras read the V-lock's battery level and provides an accurate, consistent and reliable voltage readout on the shooting page of Blackmagic OS, so no more random battery level shifts, or power cutoffs at 50% battery.


Rigging a Pocket Cinema Camera previously has resulted in an oversized and surprisingly bulky mess of loose wires and bolts. Travelling with such a camera would often require some assembly on-location, even if using the largest hard cases and backpacks on the market. Using the camera's connections to this extend also risks damaging these delicate ports when cramming the camera into tight spaces.

The redesigned display enclosure revolves around an integrated hinge, which keeps the display low-profile and compact. This means that the camera is only about one centimetre taller than standard, making it far more portable and backpack-friendly.

The redesigned, modded Pocket Cinema Camera encourages a more streamlined, handheld shooting method. In combination with the incredible Blackmagic OS, the Pocket Camera is elevated into a worry-free camera for creators who want to focus on creative new story-telling ideas, instead of being distracted by camera technicalities.

Handheld recording is comfortable and stable, thanks to the V-mount battery counterbalancing the unit with a lens attached. Larger V-mount batteries also provide an additional point of contact for even more stable handheld recording. Add in Blackmagic's gyro-data assisted stabilisation for perfect, fluid, jitter-free films.


Send-in Service

Disassembling your Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera for this modification may be daunting. In partnership with Kolari Vision, a camera modification company based in New Jersey, USA, we're now offering a send-in modification service, so you can upgrade your own camera without the risk or stress of dismantling any of your precious equipment. Equipment modified by Kolari Vision is also covered by a 1-year limited warranty, with extended warranty options too.

We strongly recommend that you consider Kolari Vision's Mod service, even if you have experience handling circuitry and camera components. Visit to learn more about their service, pricing and turnaround times.


As an authorised Blackmagic distributor, Kolari Vision are offering pre-modified Blackmagic Pocket 4K cameras. These brand new, pre-modified cameras are ideal for getting back into the world of Pocket Cinema Cameras, or for simply avoiding the mod service or wait.

Pre-modded Pocket 4K cameras are covered by a 1-year limited warranty, with extended warranty options.


Dimensions (screen folded)

• BMPCC 4K: 11.5 x 17.9 x 12.5 cm

• BMPCC 6K: 11.5 x 17.9 x 12.5 cm


total weight of camera and mod kit w/ LP-E6 battery

• BMPCC 4K: 1.1kg

• BMPCC 6K: 1.3kg


Display Enclosure & Battery V-Mount...

7075 Aluminium Alloy (Anodised Black)

Covers & Insert Parts...

PLA Plastic (3D Printed, Matte Black)

In The Box

• Display Enclosure, tilt hinge & bolts

• V-lock battery mount & bolts

• Ribbon cables & mounting tape

What You'll Need

• Your BMPCC 4K or 6K

• Hair dryer or heat gun


$1600 USD

Pre-Modded Pocket 4K

by Kolari Vision

$450 USD

Mod Install Service

by Kolari Vision

$300 USD

Pod Mod Kit for 4K/6K

For modding your own camera

Sun Shade

designed by Pod Tech

Screen Protector

designed by Pod Tech

Hinge Tension Inerts

spare parts by Pod Tech

Tilta Cage Top Panel

designed by Luis Trujillo

Screen Shade/Protector

designed by Pod Tech for P4K


Caleb Hauff


Michael Tobin

Initial Focus Media

Christopher M Law


Pod Tech

New Zealand

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